If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that I am a project-based learning enthusiast.  I love using questions and challenges to lead my students to discovery on their own, instead of giving them worksheets or direct instruction.

But sometimes, even after the most well thought out activity, a student still doesn’t get the concept.  At times like that, I turn to Readworks.org.

What it is:

Readworks.org is a FREE website that offers short (max 2 pages) reading passages with corresponding questions.  I know, I know…nowadays there are a ton of resources that boast that.  But what sets Readworks.org apart is its usability.

Readworks also offers a plethora of other resources included novel units and paired texts – but I’m going to focus on their skill aligned passages.

Readworks.org allows you to search for reading passages based on:readworks

  • Grade level
  • Lexile
  • Skill or Strategy
  • Content area
  • Text Type

When you select a passage you can choose to print it or download it (which is nice if you use Google Classroom or another online platform).  And I can’t overstate how refreshing it is to have questions all set and ready to go!

How I use it:

I use this as remediation when I see a student isn’t understanding a specific skill.  For example, I had a few 4th graders that were really struggling with theme.  I did a few different activities, but on an assessment they still couldn’t pull out a theme from a text.

readworks2I was able to print out specific Readworks passages on theme, and was able to differentiate for the 4 students based on their reading level.  I use this as a tool for small group instruction.


  • Short passages
  • Questions are created and labelled according to skill (Theme, Character, Vocab, etc.)
  • Huge database of passages
  • It offers other options besides reading passages (novel units, paired text, etc.)
  • FREEreadworks3


  • Can’t search by Common Core standard
  • Not as many literary texts – mostly informational

Have you used Readworks?  Share your thoughts on this site!