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Who I am…


I began my education career as a tutor for middle and high school students around Cleveland, Ohio.  I was fresh out of college with degrees in English and Journalism and on the hunt for my first career. Tutoring was supposed to be nothing more than a paycheck, and yet I was hit hard with a realization: I actually enjoyed what I was doing.  I stopped searching for a public relations job and went back to school for my Master’s in Urban Education.

I have experience tutoring all levels from 6th grade introductory Spanish to high schoolers for the ACT and SAT exams.  I taught English to seniors on the east side of Cleveland, then moved to Loudoun County, Virginia where I taught communications and remedial reading.  Each opportunity was vastly different, and with each teaching experience I was able to narrow down exactly what I wanted to teach.  I ended up going back to school again for my endorsement in Gifted Education, and I am currently starting my sixth year as a Gifted Intervention Specialist at a suburban Ohio middle school.

I can always find a bookstore, even in Prague!

My Teaching Style

“Yeah, but why?”

We’ve all been there.  We are introducing a lesson when a hand shoots up.  The students want to know why they are learning this.  They want to know when they will ever use this again.

As frustrating as that can be as a teacher, I totally get that.  After all, there have been plenty of meetings when I’ve thought the same thing.  I use that philosophy to help guide my lessons.  Common Core and testing may guide my teaching, but I refuse to let it limit it.  I look for creative ways for my students to actually apply what they learn.  I know that every student won’t leave with my passion for English and literature, but I do hope that every student leaves my class with a passion for learning.

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